Portable Energy Storage

Multi-scenario Emergency Energy

Elegant Response Flexible Adaptation

Meet the needs of household energy emergency and travel energy supply, easy to carry, personal customization, multi-purpose, solve the anxiety of electronic equipment in outdoor scenes


Three Advantages
No thermal runaway battery pack technology
More Versatile
More Versatile
Rich product series to meet the needs of multiple scenarios
More Innovative
More Innovative
Ultra-quiet DC system technology
Efficient thermal management technology
Portable Energy Storage
Flexible and Diverse Functions to Solve Electricity Anxiety
VREMT portable energy storage system has built-in inverters, battery modules, and BMS, and can be connected to small photovoltaic panels and other functional components. It can realize emergency power protection of some electrical appliances in the family, and supply power to low-power AC/DC appliances in outdoor travel scenarios. Split quick-plug design, diversified function options, replaceable battery, no anxiety for endurance
Separate Design

Separate design of inverter and pack, power and electricity can be selected as needed

Flexible Functional Components

The first quick-plug interface for functional components to achieve rapid function expansion

Home UPS

Power up household uninterruptible appliances such as desktop computers and ventilators

Intelligent Management APP

When connected to wifi, the power consumption of the portable energy storage system can be remotely monitored.

Flexible Matching

Portable energy storage can meet the outdoor power demand for self-driving and suburban tours, and can flexibly match functions and power in multiple scenarios

Solve the Variety of Electricity Consumption for Outdoor Short-distance Travel

There are a variety of data interfaces to support the charging of mobile phones, laptops, drones, refrigerators and other products in mobile power scenarios

Responding to Power Shortage in Emergency Rescue

Moderate size, light and dexterous, it can solve the problems of power shortage, power failure and emergency rescue, realize off-grid power generation after disasters, and ensure the basic living needs of the masses