VREMT Portable Energy Station

Multi-scenario Emergency Energy

Convenient Portability, Flexible Adaptability

Addressing home energy emergencies and travel power supply needs, convenient portability, personalized customization, multi-functional, and solving battery anxiety for outdoor electronic devices.


Three Advantages



Separate design with quick-detach functional components
More Versatile


Smartphone app monitoring
More Innovative


Addressing various power needs such as short outdoor trips and power shortages during disasters
Portable Energy Storage

Flexible and Diverse Functions to Solve Electricity Anxiety

VREMT portable energy storage system has built-in inverters, battery modules, and BMS, and can be connected to small photovoltaic panels and other functional components. It can realize emergency power protection of some electrical appliances in the family, and supply power to low-power AC/DC appliances in outdoor travel scenarios. Split quick-plug design, diversified function options, replaceable battery, no anxiety for endurance

Separate Design

Power modules and battery modules exist independently, allowing power and capacity to be selectively configured as needed

Quick-detach Functional Components

The first quick-plug interface for functional components to achieve rapid function expansion

Intelligent APP

When connected to wifi, the power consumption of the portable energy storage system can be remotely monitored.

Addressing Various Power Needs for Short Outdoor Trips

With multiple data interfaces, it supports charging for various products like phones and computers in mobile power scenarios.

Coping with Power Shortages during Disasters

Its moderate size and lightweight design make it suitable for addressing power outages, emergencies, and rescue needs.