VREMT Energy Storage Components

Ultra-high Adaptive Energy Storage Infrastructure

Explore efficient and safe ways for smart energy engineering routes


Three Advantages



Thermal runaway-free battery pack technology and multi-dimensional safety testing
More Versatile

More Flexible

Modular design for greater versatility
More Innovative

More Advanced

Simulation design and automotive-grade flexible manufacturing
Energy Storage Components

Core Components of Cabinet/Container Energy Storage Products

The research and development of energy storage components adopts simulation design and automotive PACK-level technology to ensure the efficiency and safety of energy storage-related equipment, shorten product delivery cycles, and help major customers reduce costs and increase efficiency

All-round Mechanical Simulation

Reduce component development time, reduce manufacturing costs, and better meet technical iteration and user customization needs

Thermal Simulation

Calculate the heat dissipation risk of products in different operating scenarios to improve product reliability

Life Simulation

Big data analyzes the steady state and transient state of components, and reasonably improves the service life of the product

No Heat Spread and No Fire Technology

Equipped with accessories such as battery, BMS system, high-voltage connector, heat dissipation module, fixed structure, insulation module, etc., so that the battery module has protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, insulation, short circuit, thermal failure, etc., and at the same time, the structure is fixed with the function of charging and discharging with the external connector with quick connection

Intelligent Manufacturing of Automotive Pack-level Production

Automotive-grade PACK-level advanced flexible production line for smart manufacturing, leading industry technologies in modular and flexible design, from core processes to complete line integration, ensuring high product consistency in energy storage devices