Household Energy Storage Systems

Home Smart Micro-grid

Ensuring home electricity supply and reducing electricity costs.


Three Advantages


More Flexible

Two designs: separate and integrated.


Automotive module structure.
Heat management design.
Phase change material (PCM) for thermal insulation and heat dissipation measures.

More Intelligent

Home smart SGC and energy network control

Separate Design

Separate design enables bigger flexibility

More Flexible and Beautiful

Users have a variety of choices, and flexibly configure electricity and power according to the actual situation of the house.Multiple module parallel wiring harnesses can be concealed within the casing to enhance usability, safety, and aesthetics

Safer and More Stable

Automotive module design and thermal management ensure stable module quality, high safety levels, and improved heat dissipation. It features multiple levels of electrical protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits. With a waterproof port design and a Pack protection rating of up to IP55, it enhances safety and durability.


Integrated Design

Thinner and more beautiful integrated design

Ultra-thin Design

Ultra-thin design, lower spatial presence, and get rid of the industrial style of traditional energy storage systems

Safer and More Reliable

The use of PCM phase change materials for heat preservation and heat dissipation can effectively increase the cycle life of the product by 15%, and expand the operating temperature range by 10%; the built-in aerosol fire extinguishing device is safer for home use

Intelligent Control

Home Intelligent SGC, Energy Network Control: home appliances, energy storage, photovoltaics, charging piles, and cars can be coordinated and linked through the SGC smart terminal, the data is more intuitive, and the household electricity consumption is fully in control