Household Energy Storage

Home Smart Microgrid

Reduce household electricity costs, meet emergency electricity demand, and continue to provide peak-to-valley arbitrage models


Four Advantages
More Versatile
More Innovative
Household Energy Storage
Meet the Needs of Smart Home Electricity Consumption and Realize Real-time Monitoring on Mobile Phones
VREMT household energy storage system has a built-in solar-storage integrated inverter, battery module, and BMS, which can be connected to home AC charging piles and photovoltaic panels. It can realize clean energy consumption within the family with power peak shaving and valley filling, emergency power protection, energy interoperability, data transfer to the cloud, remote control, and build a home energy and travel energy ecology
Multiple Security Protection

The use of PCM phase change materials for heat preservation and heat dissipation can effectively increase the cycle life of the product by 15%, and expand the operating temperature range by 10%; the built-in aerosol fire extinguishing device is safer for home use

Car & Energy Storage Interaction

Home energy storage and electric vehicles realize energy interconnection through home charging piles, and electric vehicles can also become energy storage systems

Home Intelligent SGC, Energy Network Control

Home appliances, energy storage, photovoltaics, charging piles, and cars can be coordinated and linked through the SGC smart terminal, the data is more intuitive, and the household electricity consumption is fully in control

Thinner and More Beautiful Integrated Design

Ultra-thin design, lower spatial presence, and get rid of the industrial style of traditional energy storage systems

More Flexible Split Design

Users have a variety of choices, and flexibly configure electricity and power according to the actual situation of the house

User Side:

In homes, the power is supplied to the home through new energy power generation equipment such as solar energy, and at the same time, the power is managed, the excess power is stored, and supplied to the power grid; remote communication can also be realized, and the equipment can be viewed in real time through the APP

Power Generation Side:

Improve the reliability and stability of power supply; it can be used as an emergency power supply to reduce the adverse impact of power outages in daily life, and it can be used as an emergency backup power supply in the face of major disasters causing grid power interruption to improve the reliability of home power supply