Containerized Energy Storage

Whole Evolutionary Energy Storage Cluster

Customizable secure container energy storage

High security, more reliable, more intelligent, multi-scenario


Three Advantages
"Four-in-one safety design of “predict, prevent, resist and improve""
Strong coupling smart fire linkage
No thermal runaway battery pack technology"
More Versatile
More Versatile
Modular design for greater versatility
More Innovative
More Innovative
"Focus on energy ecology
Precise group control technology
Ultra-quiet DC system technology
Efficient thermal management technology"
Container Energy Storage
High Security More Reliable More Intelligent Multi-scenario
Using a 20-foot or 40-foot outdoor container, the protection level is IP54, and it is composed of an energy storage converter, a lithium-ion battery system, a battery management system (BMS), a temperature control system, and a fire protection system. It is highly integrated, safe, reliable, efficient and flexible
Active Safety

Multi-level system, multi-blocking, multi-level circuit protection

Four-in-one safety design of "predict, prevent, resist and improve"

Efficient and Reliable

Intelligent temperature control, efficient thermal management system, to ensure temperature range ≤ 5 ℃

Cluster-level water firefighting with minimal loss in extreme cases

High environmental adaptability, output adaptation scheme and operation strategy under severe working conditions


Cloud monitoring, intelligent control, operation and maintenance

Intelligent temperature control to reduce loss

Active safety strategy, remote technical support, improve the confidence of energy storage system operation


Customized development of energy storage equipment according to different scenarios and energy storage needs with flexible configuration

Power Generation Side:

Improve new energy consumption; improve the stability of power generation and grid connection; reduce the abandonment of wind and solar resources

Grid Side:

Peak regulation and frequency modulation, flexible operation mode. Short development period, low cost, small restriction

User Side:

Can be integrated into the micro grid system, peak and valley arbitrage, increase economic benefits, lower carbon and environmental protection