Cabinet Energy Storage

Standardized Zero-capacity Smart Energy Storage

Multi-dimensional use, stronger compatibility


Three Advantages


More Flexible

High integration, modular design, and single/multi-cabinet expansion
More Versatile

More Intelligent

Zero capacity loss, 10 times faster multi-cabinet response, and innovative group control technology
More Innovative

More Dimensions

Meet various industrial and commercial production and lifestyle applications
Cabinet Energy Storage

Meet Multi-dimensional Production and Life Applications

A sheet metal cabinet is used to place batteries and PCS equipment with the protection level IP55, and the integrated battery pack, PCS, local EMS, fire protection and air conditioning temperature control systems. It has overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, insulation, short circuit, thermal failure and other protection functions. Cooperate with intelligent fire protection and air conditioning temperature control system, it ensures the stable operation of the battery system with a sense of security. At the same time, it has the function of remote monitoring to monitor the safety status of the battery system in real time


Small footprint and high integration, the footprint of a single cabinet is reduced by more than 20%

10 Times

The response speed of multi-cabinet control is increased by more than 10 times

The innovative industrial Internet group control technology is adopted, and the data and control are transmitted on two networks

0 Capacity Loss

High efficiency, multi-cabinet AC, zero capacitance loss in parallel

Modular Design Single and Multi-cabinet expansion

A single cabinet can be downward compatible with multiple cabinets and can be expanded upward

Multidimensional Electricity Consumption

Charging and Power Exchange Station:Dynamic expansion、Car-station-net positive interaction

Hospital, communication base station:Emergency backup power

Commercial Plaza:Peak and Valley Arbitrage

Data Center:Demand control、Emergency backup power

Power Supply District:Dynamic expansion