Electric Drive System

Provide Outstanding Sustainable Power Solutions for The World

Based on the three-in-one drive system platform of high safety, high performance, high quietness and high value, it provides high safety, high quality, high technology and high customer satisfaction power system solutions.


Four Advantages
Reliable Safe Worry-free lifecircle
Efficient Powerful Excellent Performance
Peaceful Quiet Enjoy Driving
Advanced Intelligence Leading Travel Experience
High Security
High Security
System reliability improvement plan: Follow the system safety design concept, match the intelligent control strategy, create a high-safety and high-reliability electric drive system, and provide safe and reliable power guarantee for users to travel

Functional Safety Process System Certification


Functional Safety Product Certification


Information security level

Double Certification

One of the first in the industry to obtain dual certifications of TÜV "Drive Control Robustness" and China Automobile Center's "Power Safety Star"


Meet CISPR25CLASS3+ level


Software Architecture

High Performance
High Performance
Full-path performance improvement solution: Self-developed high-performance electric drive system, with advantages of high power, high efficiency, high speed, high torque, etc., to meet customer demand for extreme performance

Using Hair-pin flat wire winding technology, the slot full rate is increased by more than 20%,the higher motor power density and the smaller volume releases surging power


The application of high-efficiency flat-wire motors, low-friction transmission systems, high-performance power devices and advanced control algorithms ensures optimal assembly efficiency and improves vehicle battery life


The high-rigidity design of the rotating system adopts the third-generation carburized rare-earth material and matches with high-speed bearings to increase the speed


The high-resistance magnetic double-layer magnetic circuit design is adopted, and the better heat dissipation capacity of the flat wire motor is used to greatly improve the peak output capacity of the motor

High Quiet
Super Quiet
Ultra-quiet drive creation solution: application of active noise reduction technology, motor electromagnetic force optimization, transmission system optimization and structural modal optimization, combination of software and hardware, super quiet
Active Noise Cancellation

Self-developed active noise reduction strategy reduces the electromagnetic noise of the motor and the overall noise of the electric drive system by 4-6dB, providing users with a quieter driving environment

Modal Optimization of Assembly Structure

The modal design of the assembly shell and shafting is optimized to reduce the overall noise of the electric drive system by 3-5dB

Motor Electromagnetic Optimization

The electromagnetic optimization design of the motor body, the balanced electromagnetic radial force, the positive rotation of the air gap magnetic field, suppress the torque fluctuation, and reduce the electromagnetic noise of the motor by 4-7dB

Transmission System Optimization

Large coincidence, high stiffness, flexible gear design, and iterative optimization of micron-level parameters improve the stability of gear meshing, reduce the transmission error of the transmission system, and reduce the overall noise of the electric drive system by 5-8dB

High Value
High Value
Intelligent power solution: Adopt the industry's advanced intelligent control strategy to realize high-power multi-scenario intelligent heating function, intelligent disengagement-combination function of vehicle lightning switching, distributed traction control function (dTCS), and provide power for customers' intelligent travel solution
Smart Heating

Using the physical characteristics of the motor and battery, static heating, dynamic heating, and pulse oscillation heating are realized, and adaptive adjustment technology is adopted to intelligently match user needs. Improve the cruising range, shorten the charging time, and bring the perfect winter travel experience

Smart Disconnector

The electric drive system includes an intelligent disconnector-combination system, which supports lightning switching of the whole vehicle, realizing full-time two-wheel drive, timely four-wheel drive, and full-time four-wheel drive. Three drive modes are selected in all scenarios, which is efficient and energy-saving, and has a longer battery life

Smart Anti-skid

The motor controller directly integrates the dynamic torque control unit to shorten the response period and quickly stabilize the body. Quickly obtain the best traction to maintain vehicle stability on icy and snowy roads and wet and slippery roads in rainy seasons