Supercharger Series

Fast energy replenishment, providing the ultimate experience

VREMT's second-generation ultra-fast liquid-cooled supercharging station

Extremely supercharger V2 product

The world's first mass-produced 600kW charging terminal

The supercharger series products are designed to meet the needs of high-power energy supplementation for the vast structure of the Krypton SEA, provide car owners with an extremely fast, intelligent, safe and convenient charging experience, and comprehensively solve the user's "energy supplementation anxiety"


Three Advantages
Super Power Charging Experience
Super Power Charging Experience
Through the technological innovation of core components such as self-developed liquid-cooled power modules, liquid-cooled charging gun wires, and thermal management systems, ultra-high-power charging of extremely fast charging piles has been realized
Long Warranty Life
Long Warranty Life
Through the new liquid cooling circulation system, the protection level of the charging pile is improved, the internal environment of the charging pile is isolated from the external environment, and the ultra-long warranty life of the high-speed charging pile is realized
Ultra-low Operation and Maintenance Cost
Ultra-low Operation and Maintenance Cost
Through remote diagnosis, charging big data analysis, OTA and other technical blessings, the operation and maintenance cost of high-speed charging piles is greatly reduced
Extremely Fast Charging Experience
Extremely Fast Charging Experience
Super high power and fast full charge

The second generation product adopts 600kW ultra-high-power ultra-fast charging technology

The first generation product is industry's first liquid-cooled cycle 360kW ultra-high-power supercharging technology


The second generation product supports 5-minute charging for 300km

The first generation product supports 5-minute charging for 120km


Output current up to 650A

Extremely fine Liquid-cooled Gun Wire
Extremely fine Liquid-cooled Gun Wire
Stylish, lightweight and easy to operate
Extremely Slim

24mm ultra-thin liquid-cooled cable, easier and more convenient to operate

Extremely Light

It is 1/2 the weight of ordinary cables, which is convenient for female car owners to operate with one hand

Liquid Cooled Gun Line

The gun line adopts a high-efficiency liquid-cooled circulating heat dissipation system

Extremely Intelligent Power Distribution
Extremely Intelligent Power Distribution
Intelligent network connection orderly charging
Smart Power Distribution

"The new intelligent power distribution architecture is adopted to meet the maximum charging demand of the vehicle

Unique power sharing at the station level"


The industry-leading charging pile with OTA capability

One Machine Multi-Charge

Supports up to 4 charging terminal configurations, reducing the cost of station construction

Extremely High Security Protection
Extremely High Security Protection
Safe and reliable charging
Remote Diagnostic Maintenance

Remote diagnosis, charging big data analysis, remote charging maintenance

Ultra-high Security Protection

Multi-dimensional safety design such as electrical safety regulations, software strategies, system architecture, etc., eliminates car owners' charging safety concerns

Extremely Charging Compatible
Extremely Charging Compatible
Wide voltage platform compatible with proprietary protocols
Liquid-cooled Power Modules

Self-developed liquid-cooled power module, compatible with various electric vehicle voltage platforms

300-1000V constant power output range

Strong Compatibility

Compatible with national standard/private charging protocol

Extremely Low Operation and Maintenance cost
Extremely Low Operation and Maintenance cost
Super long life unattended
10 years

10 years lifespan

Real-time humidity, smoke, water immersion monitoring

Internal devices are isolated from the environment


The vehicle-level standard was developed, and it has undergone the summer standard test of Flaming Mountain and the winter standard test of Hailar


No need for personnel to perform routine maintenance

Implementation Case
Implementation Case
Adapt to diversified charging scenarios
10+N city circle

It serves 10 major first- and second-tier cities in the country, and radiates to surrounding cities. At present, there are more than 40 cities in total

200 seats

Serving nearly 200 charging stations

Full scene service

The service scenarios cover mainstream charging needs such as residential quarters, tourist resorts, major supermarkets, office and business CBDs, etc.


Availability rate of charging piles in historical orders: >95.5%