Electric Car Charging Pile Series

Fast Energy Replenishment, Providing the Ultimate Experience

Starting from the challenges of difficulties in charging, slow charging, and poor user experience in the market, the approach involves increasing the voltage and current of charging piles to achieve a boost in charging power. This aims to meet users' needs for efficient energy replenishment and flexible range extension, by addressing issues such as slow charging and inadequate charging infrastructure.


Four Advantages

Super Power Charging Experience
Long Warranty Life
Ultra-low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Ultra-fast Liquid-cooled Charging Platform -HPC

The world's first mass-produced 600kW liquid-cooled super charging piles

Extremely Fast Charging Experience

600kW:Second-version product with a massive 600kW power; 5-minute charge extends range by 300km.

360kW:First-version product, industry-first liquid-cooled 360kW high power; 5-minute charge extends range by 120km.

Extremely Fine Liquid-cooled Gun Wire

Extremely slim: ultra-fine liquid-cooled cable is 1/2 weight of ordinary cable more convenient for female owners to operate

Extremely Intelligent Power Distribution

Intelligent power distribution: a new smart power distribution structure is adopted to meet the maximum charging needs of vehicles

Extremely Charging Compatible

High Compatibility: compatible with the charging requirements of various high-voltage platforms for electric vehicles and international/private protocol

Extremely Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Maintenance-free: the advantages of high security, long lifespan,unattended and maintenance-free can be realized by using the new architecture and liquid-cooled power components

Extremely High Security Protection

High Security Protection: multi-dimensional security design such as electrical safety regulations, software strategies, system architecture, etc., eliminate car owners charging safety concerns.

-30℃-50℃:developed according to vehicle regulations, it has undergone rigorous environmental testing through Flame Mountain Summer Calibration Test and Hailar Winter Calibration Test.


Liquid-cooled Supercharging Platform -GPC

Liquid-cooled Supercharging System of Four "High"

High Power

Developed based on HPC system, the maximum output capacity can support 600kW; maximum output up to 650A (optional)

High Intelligence

The maximum ability to support intelligent distribution of one machine with six guns; multi-interface energy access supports

High Compatibility

Compatible with national standard gun cabinets to meet market-oriented operations; you can choose the liquid-cooled cabinet to experience the extreme pleasure

High Expansion

Modular design enables rapid power expansion and gun cabinet modification;swift deployment meets future demands for ultra-high power charging

Implementation Case

Implementation Case

Providing a comprehensive solution for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry chain

Tailored Solutions for All Scenarios

Service scenarios include solutions for charging operators, comprehensive solutions for highways, orderly charging solutions for parks and buildings, and orderly charging solutions for homes and privately-owned buildings

Coverage in 100+ Cities

Charging equipment deployed in over 100 cities nationwide, with 300+ charging stations and 1000+ parking spaces

2 Million+ Energy Replenishments

Accumulated over 2 million user energy replenishments, with a total of over 150 million kWh of electricity charged