VREMT Vehicle Charger

Highly Integrated and Positioned in the Global Market

Vehicle OBC, DCDC, PDU and other split and integrated products

400V/800V platform charger series products

Completely independent research and development of vehicle OBC, DCDC, PDU split and integrated products, the products support V2L/V2V/V2G discharge and PTC heating functions, the whole series of products can adapt to the needs of 400V and 800V platforms in various power segments, and are flexible according to the needs of OEMs Integrated function (OBC, DCDC, PDU any combination integration)


Four Advantages

Leading Technology
High Standard


Integrated Custom Design

No. 1 in China

The 22kW ODP is the first mass-produced product in China, equipped with a variety of Volvo, Smart, Polestar and ZEEKR European models

Expand Flexibility

The voltage platform covers 400V and 800V vehicle systems

The power platform includes 7.2kW/22kW OBC and 2.5kW/3kW DCDC


Modular design supports custom integration of OBC, DCDC, and PDU products to meet different spatial arrangements of the vehicle



For the Global Market

Worldwide Compatibility

Adapt to global power grids such as China, Europe and Japan;compatible with high-power single-phase requirements in the United States and Japan.

Global Standard

Meet GB/T 20234.1, GB/T 18487.1, IEC 61851-1, SAE J1772 and many other domestic/international charging standards

Functional Compatibility

Support discharge (V2L/V2V/V2G) function; meet the V2G grid connection requirements in the European market

Leading Technology

Leading Technology

New Device | New Technology

The whole series of SiC

Application of the whole series of SiC new devices has increased the overall charging efficiency by 0.5%

All-digital Technology

All-digital high-frequency soft-switching control technology realizes rapid development

Senseless OTA

Support non-inductive OTA, and develop charging strategies customized according to the needs of the whole vehicle

High Standard

High Standard

Strict Standards | Safe and Reliable

Automotive Grade

The application of 100% automotive-grade components strictly meets the 10-year/300,000-km vehicle product standards


Meet functional safety ISO 26262 ASIL-C

Meet the high-voltage safety electrical standard ISO17409