Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Management System (BMS)

Intelligent Battery Management Escorts High Voltage Safety

The new 800V BMS platform product is more efficient, safe and intelligent. With the powerful ZEEKR SEA architecture and new smart battery, it can easily achieve 1000KM endurance, completely eliminate the user's "mileage anxiety", and has millisecond-level high-voltage flash-off technology to escort your car safety at all times

Electronic Series (BMS)

Four Advantages

High Security
High-precision Prediction
High Reliability
Highly Intelligent
High Security

High Security

Millisecond Flashing Full-time Monitoring


Based on the new software and hardware platform + intelligent FUSE to achieve high-voltage millisecond flash-off technology, high-voltage safety is more reliable under extreme conditions such as vehicle overcurrent and collision

24 Hours*365 days

Full-time dual backup thermal runaway monitoring and early warning technology, based on multi-factor coupling early warning, supports reverse wake-up technology, and battery safety monitoring with no dead ends


Obtained ISO26262 functional safety ASIL-C international certification, leading product competitiveness in the industry

High-precision Prediction

High-precision Prediction

Accurate Prediction Worry-free Future

SOC 2%

Based on the battery model and Kalman filter to estimate SOC, the accuracy is as high as 2%, leading the industry, and the remaining power is accurately predicted to help improve battery life

SOH 3%

The cloud-ground fusion algorithm based on big data realizes the online identification of model parameters, the SOH state accuracy reaches 3%, and the battery health index is well known

Basic Sampling Accuracy

Single voltage accuracy ±3mV, total current ±0.5%@RD, total voltage total current with 1ms synchronization, total voltage total current and single voltage total with10ms synchronization, improve algorithm accuracy

High Reliability

High Reliability

Safe and Reliable Double Backup

Double Backup Code Rollback

Support A/B partition dual backup sensorless flashing, support code rollback, and comprehensively improve customer upgrade experience

Two-way Daisy Chain Technology

Support two-way daisy chain communication, comprehensively improve data reliability and robustness, and make basic communication more reliable

High and Low Voltage Isolation

High and low voltage sampling isolation of main control scheme, safer electrical design and lower failure rate



Intelligent Algorithms Different Presentations for Different People

Smart Power Prediction

Identify users' car habits through national standard big data, and customize personalized power algorithms to meet the dual requirements of performance and endurance

Smart Charging Algorithm

Combined with the user's charging scene and car usage period, the personalized charging algorithm is customized to meet the user's triple consideration of charging time, charging cost, and battery life

Customized Service

On the premise of battery performance and lifespan, push personalized battery algorithm services to comprehensively improve user experience and enhance user interaction