Highly Integrated Power Battery Packs Meet Diverse Vehicle Needs

Create A Strong Heart for New Energy Vehicles

The product sequence is diversified, covering 48V, HEV, PHEV, EV full range of products.5 automatic production lines, 7 flexible production lines, compatible with 0.38~102kWh power range product sequence, the annual production capability of 960,000 sets of battery system; first-class equipment brands for testing, laser welding, screw locking, six-axis robot module assembly, AGV online and offline logistics turnover and other processes.


Four Advantages
Long-Lasting Energy Long Battery Life
Safe Worry-free Stable Reliable
Ultra-Fast Charging Ultimate Energy Replenishment
Smart Policy Optimal Algorithm
EV Solutions
IPS1.0 integrated technical solution: BDU, BMU, CVS are highly integrated to design an integrated battery system; VREMT independently designs and produces large modules with integrated water-cooling plates; solves the pain points of mileage anxiety
30 minutes

10-80%SOC fast charge time in 30min

The battery pack can be charged for 5 minutes and the vehicle can travel 120km


The IPS platform technology design will achieve a battery pack energy density of 180Wh/kg in 2021.

Ultra-long battery life allows users to calmly get out of mileage anxiety

Battery pack vehicle cruising range: 700km (NEDC)


Anti-thermal diffusion safety technology: Multiple safety designs and advanced management strategies, designed in strict accordance with the world's most stringent safety certification standards with more than 100 safety tests.

-30℃ to 55℃

Active temperature control technology: the battery pack can still maintain the best working temperature in the environment of -30 ˚ C to 55˚ C


EV flexible line yearly output 320000 units

PHEV Solutions
Highly integrated PHEV battery pack products for plug-in hybrid vehicles with high performance, long range, meeting global standards

The energy density is 145Wh/kg, the battery cell adopts a high nickel ternary system, the pack structure adopts the industry's first three-layer module stacking, the side liquid cooling solution and the integrated design of the electrical module realize the high integration of the battery pack, and the maximum power is 18.8 kWh, the pure electric driving range of the whole vehicle can exceed 80km on a single charge

High Security

Multiple safety designs and advanced management strategies meet multiple safety requirements such as mechanical and electrical, and reduce weight without reducing strength

Efficient Thermal Management

Original double-sided liquid cooling

Greatly increase the heat dissipation area and greatly improve the cooling capacity of the system

Global Standard

Meet global standards


PHEV flexible line yearly output 300000 units

HEV Solutions
Battery pack products independently developed by VREMT for non-plug-in hybrid vehicles
High Power

High charge and discharge rate performance, 90kW@10s@50%SOC, effectively improve the power and fuel economy of the vehicle

Highly Integrated

The large module solution is designed to be stacked up and down, and the group efficiency is high; the BDU high-voltage control box integrates BMS, electrical components, etc. with modular layered design, compact structure, lighter weight

Efficient Thermal Management

The original three-sided surrounding liquid-cooled flat tube integrated module integrated design is adopted. On the basis of the conventional heat dissipation at the bottom of the module, the side of the module is fully utilized for rapid heat dissipation, shortening the cooling time, and the temperature difference is small, which greatly improves the heat dissipation. Efficiency, reduce vehicle fuel consumption


HEV private line yearly output 100000 units

48V Solutions
Comprehensive vehicle performance guarantee, improve vehicle dynamic performance, obvious fuel-saving effect, high comfort, quietness and stability, and bring users a better driving experience
High Power

Discharge power 12kW@10s @50%SOC

Charging power 14kW@10s @50%SOC

Endow the vehicle with stronger power performance and fuel economy

Efficient Thermal Management

Air-cooled design, good heat dissipation effect, ensure the use in high temperature environment

0.45 kWh

This makes the vehicle more advantageous in terms of power performance, fuel-saving effect, and battery life.


High economy,fuel consumption reduced by 10%

Powerful,10% faster in the initial stage


48V automatic line yearly output 270000 units