VREMT Charging System

VREMT Charging System

Ultra-fast Charging, Providing the Ultimate Experience
Charging Pile Series

Charging Pile Series

Starting from the challenges of difficult charging in the market, slow charging, and poor user experience, we aim to increase the voltage and current of charging stations to achieve an increase in charging power. This enhancement will meet the users' needs for effective energy replenishment and flexible range extension

Ultra-High Charging Power

Ultra-Long Warranty Lifespan

Ultra-Low Operation and Maintenance Cost

Superb Environmental Adaptability

Vehicle Charger Series

Vehicle Charger Series

Fully Independent R&D, offering separate and integrated onboard charging (OBC), DCDC, and PDU products, supporting V2L/V2V/V2G discharging and PTC heating. The entire series is adaptable to 400V and 800V platforms, with the flexibility to integrate features according to the requirements of major automakers



Leading in Technology

High Standard


VREMT Charging Product Manual